All Types of Landscape Design Services

Our pavers are well versed in all areas of landscape design. With a variety of specialisations among our employees we are able to design and implement just about anything you can imagine. If it involves outdoor design and construction, Capital Paving has got you covered.

Brick, Grass and Patio Pavers

We are able to work alongside you throughout the design process, right up to actually building and installing your paving or other structure. The range of services we currently offer includes:

  • Landscape Design: Consulting with you to draw up plans for your ideal outdoor environment.
  • Brick/Grass/Patio Paving: No matter what the landscape, we have the materials and expertise to construct high quality paving to your specifications.
  • Fencing/Retaining Wall Installation: In addition to stone and concrete paving, we also work with supporting structures built to fit your individual design.
  • Planting/Instant Lawns: We are also able to work with the aesthetics of your landscape design, planting foliage and laying down instant lawns in the surrounding area.

If you would like a quote for any of the above services, or have any questions about whether we can complete a specific project for you, let us know. Our expert pavers possess a broad range of skills and are open to working with your ideas.